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About Us

Teacher-Student Interaction During Lessons
During the lessons, we encourage and help students to develop their interactive skills as we believe highly in a fully engaged and interactive teacher-student relationship. 

Our Teaching Philosophy
We do not believe in a robotic learning style in which students are to be fed with information without their own thinking. We believe students learn best when they construct their own knowledge through exploration, discussion and practice. We believe optimism and encouragement are powerful motivators. We believe a classroom should be fresh and exciting. It is a place to try and adapt new ideas.


In summary, the teaching principle / philosophy, which serves the backbone of International Elites Academy, could be established with a famous quote by Maimonides : " Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day ; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." - the teachers at the academy serve to teach students the required skills in a manner that encourages critical thinking and self realization, but not to bombard them with knowledge that students find no reason to learn and understand. 

Why study at IEA?

  • Experienced and mature teachers - over the years, International Elites Academy has recruited experienced teachers who not only possess the required skills and capabilities in their various expertise, but also have a strong passion in teaching and educating students. Though originating from different backgrounds, they all believe that learning is fun and they see themselves as motivators and inspirers to provide assistance for students to excel in their respective studies and build various skills. (Note: International Elites Academy is currently launching a "Guarantee A* Program" !)

  • Improvement in Grades - we believe that the key to inspiring and encouraging students to learn would be through past achievements that former students at the academy obtained and viewing them as role models to follow. Since its creation, International Elites Academy has nurtured individuals who had their grades improved after joining our courses. Check out the main page and student testimonials to find out what each of them have achieved !

  • Convenient Location - International Elites Academy is located at the heart of South Horizons, a diverse and friendly private housing neighbourhood within the southern part of Hong Kong Island. The centre is situated in Marina Square East Centre, which is adjacent to Exit A of South Horizons MTR station. This is particularly convenient for students who travel by MTR and in especially, students who live in South Horizons. 

  • Results-Oriented & Open Minded Environment : The teachers believe that working at a results-oriented environment would drive teachers' motivation to strive for their students' excellency in their academic performances. How does that relate back to learning, you might ask ? Since the centre is result-oriented, the students would be made sure that the right resources will be allocated and utilized to achieve the goals for individual students. Combined with the open-mindedness of the teachers, the teachers would be highly adaptable (adapt their teaching styles to the current progress of the students) and flexible (learn new skills along their career), thus guaranteeing high quality teaching at the centre.  

   If you want to take a look at the type of courses that we offer at International Elites Academy, please visit the 

   Academics section to find out more about the different exam syllabi that our courses would cover!!

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