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Catherine Ho

IGCSE: A*, 100% full mark

HKCEE: 7As (01)



  • Bachelor of Medical Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Medical Training at St. John's Hospital, UK

  • HKCEE: 7As (01), full mark

  • Chemistry: AL (A), HKCEE (A(01)), IGCSE (A*: 100% full mark in Triple Science 2C)

  • Exceptionally Gifted Students: Fung Hon Chu Gifted Education Centre, Education Department, the Government of HK



  • Head of the International Department in Education Centre

  • Head of the Science Department in International School Tutorial Centre

  • Instructor in EOK Academy

  • Assistant Editor in Original Press (Asia) Ltd.

  • Assistant Editor in Joint-Us Press

  • China Girls Mathematical Olympiad: Representative of HK, Bronze Medal

  • Published books and mock exam paper for High School

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