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"Without a doubt, International Elites Academy is an amazing tuition centre which has allowed me to improve my knowledge in my subjects. I struggled with the sciences even with my previous tutors but after applying for tuition at International Elites Academy and studying science for a year here, my grades have massively improved and I am now much more confident with my sciences."

- GCE AL Student at Harrow International School

I originally wanted to drop A. Maths after getting F in mock exam. After 15 lessons, I have learned the correct studying method and have improved a lot, so I decided not to drop it. I was so excited when I got A* in IGCSE A. Maths and Maths finally!

- IGCSE Student at West Island School

Thanks to the help and support of the teachers, I was able to receive 7 in IB, hence giving me the opportunity to study my top choice university in UK.

- IBDP Student at South Island School


Thank you for all the support you have given me! I can now catch up the teaching progress at school and I am more confident in Science!

- IBMYP Grade 8 Student at ISF

I joined IEA at Grade 11 after being introduced by my sister. All the teachers are very helpful and friendly, I feel like the teachers at IEA are trying their best to help students strive to their best ability and to bring their potentials out at all times. I improved a lot after 2 years and will enter my dream university in Oxford 3 months later.

- IBDP Student at VSA

The teachers really care about us and follow my learning progress closely. I am thankful for my teachers to help me improve more than 4 grades in my exams!

- IBMYP Grade 7 Student at Singapore International School

The Economics teacher teaches me to learn through practice and case study, I find this method to be the most effective in helping me to understand the topics and how to write the essays and IA.

- IBDP Student at West Island School

I originally had trouble coping the IB syllabus after F.4, which is completely different from DSE. After I joined the English class, I learn how to analyse and answer the questions in-depth with critical thinking. I am really thankful for all the teachers here.

- F.5 Student at St. Paul's Co-educational College

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