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The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) Reasoning Test is a standardized test intended to assess a student’s readiness for university education. The questions are designed to measure the test takers’ literacy, writing skills, and problem solving abilities - essential elements needed for academic success in university education. It is a requirement for admission to a vast majority of universities in the United States. 

Effective from March 2016, the SAT syllabus had gone through a tremendous change. For the new SAT syllabus, there are two parts to the SAT exam system, which are SAT I and SAT II respectively. In terms of nomenclature, SAT I is named the Reasoning Test and SAT II are named the Subject Tests. 


SAT I Reasoning Test is composed of three major components: Critical Reading, Math and Writing. First of all, the critical reading part contains a reading comprehension, sentence completion segment and critical reading segment. Moving on, the math compartment would contain three major sections, named Algebra and Functions, Geometry Statistics and Probability & Data Analysis respectively. Finally, the writing section consists of two segments - the essay segment and two multiple choice segments. 

In addition to SAT I, there is also the SAT II Subject Test. Even though SAT II is considered optional by the exam board, however, most students would consider taking 2-3 subjects for college admission, prerequisites or a measure of their academic achievement. Students are allowed to choose subjects which fall into the following categories: 

  • English 

  • History 

  • Science 

  • Mathematics 

  • Foreign Languages

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