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International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, also known as IBDP, is a two-year educational system that provides internationally accepted qualification for students (typically between the ages of 16 and 19) entering either local universities or universities abroad. 

All subjects are assessed internally (such as coursework and internal assessments) and externally (such as examinations). There are two external examinations taking place each year - both May and November respectively. Most international schools would typically provide two to three mock examinations, under timed conditions, before the final examination to monitor the students' current progress and ensure that the students stay on track. 

IBDP Subject Selections:

DP Students would need to select their subjects that fall into the following categories : 
Group 1: Studies in language and literature
Group 2: Language and acquisition
Group 3: Individuals and societies
Group 4: Experimental science
Group 5: Mathematics and computer science
Group 6: The arts

Students have a choice of either : 1) Choosing 6 subjects from all 6 groups, 2) Choosing an additional subject from Groups 1-5 instead of taking one from Group 6 or 3) Not taking the full diploma (taking 6 subjects without needing to complete Core Requirement 1 and 2) (see below for Core Requirements).


For students who are taking the full diploma, they are required to complete three core requirements:
Core Requirement 1: Extended Essay (EE): a 4000 word essay based on a topic of a chosen subject
Core Requirement 2:  Theory of Knowledge (ToK): a subject that engages students to inquire and explore the understanding of knowledge itself
Core Requirement 3: Creativity, action, service (CAS)



The diploma is awarded to students who gain at least 24 points, subject to certain minimum levels of performance across the whole diploma and to satisfactory participation in CAS.

The highest IB score that an IBDP student could attain is 45 points:  42 points for the 6 selected subjects + 3 points from EE and TOK

So... what kind of IB tuition services is the centre offering?

International Elites Academy contains a pool of tutors that are experienced in teaching IBDP. The courses, despite the form of classes, aim to assist students in understanding course concepts effectively and applying these concepts to lead students to excel in both course work and upcoming examinations. Regarding the IB tuition services, IEA teachers would teach courses (one-on-one, group or online) for the following subjects at different levels:

  • ​IB English A Literature/ Language & Literature (HL/ SL)

  • IB English B (HL/ SL)

  • IB Mathematics (HL/ SL/ Studies)

  • IB Further Mathematics (HL/ SL)

  • IB Chinese A Literature/ Language & Literature (HL/ SL)

  • IB Chinese B (HL/ SL)

  • IB Physics (HL/ SL)

  • IB Chemistry (HL/ SL)

  • IB Biology (HL/ SL)

  • IB Spanish (HL/ SL/ AB Initio)

  • IB Economics (HL/ SL)

  • IB History (HL/ SL)

  • IB Geography (HL/ SL)

  • IB Computer Science (HL/ SL)

  • IB Business Management (HL/ SL)

  • IB Theory of Knowledge 

If you have any questions regarding our courses, please call +852 9873 9944 (English)/ +852 9242 7555 (Chinese) or submit an online enquiry form for more details.

DP subject groups all offered by IB tuition here at International Elites Academy by experienced IBDP tutors
IB Tuition - one of the major services that we provide here at International Elites Academy
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