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Technology In Education – A Brand New Multiple Choice Auto-Grading Program

July marks the beginning of a nice and warming summer holiday. Typically for students, it is a time for them to take a break from, what students call, a “long-haul” process of studying and torture. More than that, it is also a time for them to revitalize and be prepared for the next academic year. Therefore, tutor classes have become extremely popular, especially in Hong Kong, for students to allow them to “stay ahead of their peers”. With tutor classes come homework and classwork to facilitate the monitoring of students’ progress. However, students often have part of their lesson time lost for teachers to mark their work . In what follows, I will introduce a brand new program that International Elites Academy will offer to resolve the concern above :

Starting from September, International Elites Academy will proudly present a multiple choice auto-grading program that will allow students to receive instant responses based on the choices that they have. A short demo of the program will be released in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, I would like to give a brief overview of the program and how will it be useful during the classes at IEA.

Basically, the multiple choice program is similar to the marking process by the teacher, except that all of this is done electronically (by the software). Despite the fact that the software is still under construction at this moment, however, what I can say for certain is that the software will allow the student to :

  • Proceed to the next topic or go back to the previous topic

  • Show all of the questions that the students have answered within that particular topic

  • View the correct answers and their own answers for each question to compare through a table

(and most importantly)

  • Choose their own topic to practice on

This blog is not served to brag about the new program that the center is about to offer, but rather as the sign of a new phase for International Elites Academy since we are the first IB tutor center in Hong Kong to have their independent software. Think about this, with the full utilization of the program, teachers will spend less time marking the MC program since the software is doing all of the work and more time teaching. At the same time, the program will not hinder communication between the teachers and the students – quite the contrary. It will be useful for the teachers to find out what the student knows and lacks. Does this program sound interesting – if you wanna try out this program, please find out more information about the courses offered by visiting this link and join courses offered by the IEA !! Have fun learning !!

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